AR-762 Vandal Rifle
Weapon Class
Wall Penetration

The AR-762 Vandal is a Rifle weapon found in VALORANT. It has a price of 2,900 credits and a Medium level of wall penetration. The Vandal was first introduced during the Closed Beta.

Vandal Skins

There are a total of 5 skins available for the Vandal. Skins are unlocked by reaching tier 10 on an on their respective agent contract, reaching the specified tier on a battlepass, or purchasing them from the in-game VALORANT store using VALORANT points.

Avalanche Vandal Rifle
Luxe Blue
Luxe Blue Vandal Rifle
Luxe Camo
Luxe Camo Vandal Rifle
Luxe Gold
Luxe Gold Vandal Rifle
Luxe Red
Luxe Red Vandal Rifle

To purchase all the Vandal skins would cost a total of 2,150 VALORANT points.

VALORANT Closed Beta/Unreleased Vandal Skins

The following skins for the Vandal were either only available for the duration of the VALORANT Closed Beta or remain unreleased to this day. It's possible that these skins may be released again in the future.

Reaver Vandal Rifle

Note that the prices above have been kept purely for historic record purposes. They are not available for purchase from the in-game VALORANT store.