ACS-12 Judge Shotgun
Weapon Class
Wall Penetration

The ACS-12 Judge is a Shotgun weapon found in VALORANT. It has a price of 1,500 credits and a Medium level of wall penetration. The Judge was first introduced during the Closed Beta.

Judge Skins

There is 1 skin available for the Judge. Skins are unlocked by reaching tier 10 on an on their respective agent contract, reaching the specified tier on a battlepass, or purchasing them from the in-game VALORANT store using VALORANT points.

Luxe Red
Luxe Red Judge Shotgun

To purchase all the Judge skins would cost a total of 875 VALORANT points.

VALORANT Closed Beta/Unreleased Judge Skins

No known skins for the Judge have been made un-available.

Note that the prices above have been kept purely for historic record purposes. They are not available for purchase from the in-game VALORANT store.