Matchmaking Ranks

In the Valorant closed beta there is currently 8 rank divisions each with three tiers (except for VALORANT) named as follows:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal

Players who have not yet earned a rank are marked as “Unranked”.

The rank names are currently a work in progress and subject to change. Players made suggestions that the lower ranks Mercenary, Soldier and Veteran should be replaced with Bronze, Silver and Gold to reflect ranking systems found in similar competitive games. This was taken into account by Riot Games and the rank names were updated before the introduction of Ranked Matchmaking to the game.

What impacts my matchmaking rank in VALORANT?

There are multiple factors that impact your rank.

Positive Impact

Winning more rounds than the opposition or consistently performing better match over match.

Negative Impact

Abandoning a ranked match will result in a timeout and reduced progression towards your next rank. Poor performance in multiple matches will result in being moved to a lower tier or rank.

Original Closed Beta Ranks

Before the release of the Ranked game-mode within Valorant the ranks were as follows:

  • Mercenary (later renamed “Iron”)
  • Soldier (later renamed “Bronze”)
  • Veteran (later renamed “Silver”)
  • Hero (later renamed “Gold”)
  • Legend (later renamed “Platinum”)
  • Mythic (later renamed “Diamond”)
  • Immortal

The ranks within Valorant